Launch of BEAR NaviGATE Box with LNER Trains

After displaying our new NaviGATE boxes at Innoveat in 2018, LNER launched our BEAR partnership box ‘BEAR box by NaviGATE’ onto its train fleet on 28th April 2019.

Why team up with BEAR?

BEAR Nibbles create children’s snacks with health at the forefront. With this in mind, every BEAR snack contains:

  • At least 1 of your 5-a-day
  • A minimum of 80g of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Whole fruits and vegetables – BEAR never uses fruit juice concentrates

What does the BEAR box by NaviGATE contain?

The target range is 2-12 years old and every box is filled with four delicious products that are already popular with children:

  • BEAR yoyo – one of three flavours
  • Organic Hippeas
  • Cawston Press juice box – one of two flavours
  • Stoaties oat bar – one of three flavours

BEAR box by NaviGATE

Getting your hands on healthy snacks when travelling can often be a challenge, so finding them all inside of one box is the ultimate convenience for parents everywhere. It’s handy if you’re on a shorter journey and won’t be sitting down to a full meal or, if you’ve got a long journey and want to space out the snacks over a longer period. There’s even space for your child to write their name on the front, ending any arguments about who owns the goodies inside each box that haven’t yet been eaten!

For parents, the next challenge is keeping their children entertained for long periods of time during the journey, which is why the box itself becomes interactive. The box can be opened out to follow ‘BEAR’S Curious Quest’ and inside you’ll find a quest card within the BEAR product.

BEAR box by NaviGATE

Where can I get a BEAR box by NaviGATE?

These boxes have been launched on all LNER trains and are available to buy for £3.99 each or, are free for children sitting with their parents in First Class.

As it’s such a unique item, they’ve become instantly popular amongst travellers with children and order numbers have already doubled for the first year. Delivering a product that pleases both parents and children can be challenging, especially when many are particular about what they eat. However, using brands that are already well known and loved has certainly contributed to the success of the launch.

BEAR box by NaviGATE

What’s next for NaviGATE?

Due to the commercial success of this partnership BEAR box, we’re already looking to expand the range into different areas. Future ideas include:

  • A second BEAR box
  • A vegan box
  • A tapas box

As experts in the travel and leisure sectors, we are always looking to work with food and drink producers that are keen to expand into this category. If you think your product could be a good fit for a future box, come and speak to us during Innoveat 2019.

See the BEAR box by NaviGATE at Innoveat 2019

To see NaviGATE boxes in person, simply book your free tickets here to attend Innoveat 2019, the UK’s only food exhibition specifically catering for buyers in the travel and leisure sectors.

Innoveat takes place on Tuesday 15th October 2019 at the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow where you will find the latest travel and product innovations from brands large and small.

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