Five Fantastic Reasons to Visit Innoveat 2018

The countdown to Innoveat 2018 is almost at an end, so here are five fantastic reasons to visit the UK’s only industry event specifically catering for buyers in the travel and leisure sectors.

1. A diverse range of exhibitors

Our exhibitor focus is always on quality rather than quantity, to avoid constant repetition of the same products that you see at most trade events. This means that Innoveat 2018 has a genuinely exciting mix of food and drink brands on offer for every travel and leisure industry buyer to explore.

Though Innoveat is smaller than many other national food shows, Rail Gourmet NPD Manager Jen Greenhalgh sees this as a distinct advantage. During her visit to Innoveat in 2017, she told us,

“What is great about Innoveat is that the size of the show allows you to properly engage with all the exhibitors and feel like you have afforded the whole show enough time. The way that it is curated means that it is truly diverse and well put together and you don’t feel like you have just seen lots of the same products over and over again. All of this means I think it is one of the best shows in the whole calendar and one I am sure to always make time for.”

2. New products and brands at Innoveat 2018

The list of exciting new brands and products exhibiting for the first time at Innoveat 2018 continues to grow, so we love to give you a snapshot of what you will find, before exploring them for yourself at the show.

Here is a selection of the brands making their debut at Innoveat 2018 this year:

  • Little Pasta Organics
  • Silver Swift Drinks
  • Kafe Express
  • KRAVE from Meatsnacks Group
  • We Prepare
  • Darvilles of Windsor
  • Garçon Wines

Innoveat New Brands

3. Innovation is always at the forefront

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, our latest and greatest exhibitors continue to impress both ourselves and industry buyers alike. Whether it’s the ingenious solution of a flat, yet stylish wine bottle…

Garcon Wine bottle in a box

…or the convenience of a children’s organic pasta pot on the go, visitors never cease to be amazed at what they find at Innoveat.
LITTLE PASTA ORGANICS INSTANT PASTA POTS (1)4. Products are industry-ready

Every hand-selected brand is chosen because they have food and drink items that are a perfect fit for the travel and leisure sector. We always make sure that every exhibitor has considered the key differences buyers look for such as:

  • size format
  • packaging
  • price points
  • flavour profiles

when they want to expand their range into the travel and leisure sector.

5. NavigATE box debut

We are really excited to launch our brand new snack/meal box brand called NavigATE at Innovest 2018. Our aim is simple; we want to give buyers full control over the end-to-end process of creating snack boxes. We do this by:

  • Letting you choose the box design – there are three ready-made designs that can be tailored or you can order a fully customised box
  • Asking you to choose your own box contents –  you can balance your budget and choices with our fully transparent product listing using our specially created pick ‘n’ mix menu
  • Giving you a huge choice of categories – we are launching with 14 different snack boxes to cover the most common snack occasions and dietary requirements
  • Offering full flexibility for snacking around the clock – boxes can either be ambient or chilled

We have also teamed up with BEAR Nibbles to create a BEAR box by NavigATE; an interactive and healthy snack box for children.
NavigATE snack box

Time is running out so don’t forget to book your free tickets to attend Innoveat 2018. Join us on Tuesday 16th October 2018 at the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow as we can’t wait to welcome you to the show.

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