Have you got the full Innoveat package?

Innoveat has created lots of free and convenient ways for travel and leisure buyers to keep abreast of what’s new and exciting in the food industry. Here’s a quick overview of the Innoveat subscription box, catalogue, newsletter and exhibition, which can all be signed up for on our media page to ensure you don’t miss out.

Free Innoveat Subscription Box

Every month, we curate a selection of the latest and greatest food and drink products that are new to the market. The box has been carefully compiled to feature 10-12 hand picked and innovative products, including brand new items and others that are hot off the press. We make sure that every item is a perfect fit for the travel and leisure sector and this includes key product differences such as:

  • Size
  • Format
  • Packaging
  • Price points
  • Flavour profiles

Innoveat Subscription

Why sign up?

We’ve had lots of positive feedback from buyers who’ve found their next new food and drink product in one of our boxes. Successes include:

  • The London Deli Co. Crisps and Biscuits – now on board UK airline BA
  • Mr Lee’s Noodles – now on board Australian airline Jetstar
  • The London Crisp Co. – now on board UK airline BA
  • Real Olive Co. – now on board UK airline Easyjet
  • Ollybars – now in the One Group hotel chain
  • Stokes – now on board UK airline BA

Innoveat Subscription

How do I get a subscription box?

Email us using ‘Subscription Box’ in the subject header. Share your name and delivery address details to ensure that the latest Innoveat box arrives directly on your desk each month.

Free Innoveat Catalogue

Innoveat Catalogue

There are 45 new food and drink products launched into the market every day, but many of them don’t make it past their two-year anniversary. To ensure you’re completely up-to-date with what’s available, we curate a catalogue every six months to showcase the best in new product innovation for the travel and leisure industry. Categories include:

  • Bakery
  • Beverages
  • Chilled/Frozen
  • Grocery
  • Snacks/Confectionary

Take a look at the digital version of our latest catalogue here.

Why sign up?

Not only do you have the latest and exciting brands on the market at your fingertips, you also have the contact details for 27 producers in one easy-to-read place. Having an Innoveat catalogue on your desk means there’s no need to have piles of brochures taking up unnecessary space.

Innoveat Catalogue

How do I get a catalogue?

Email us using ‘Catalogue’ in the subject header. Share your name and address details and we’ll send you both a free print and digital version of the catalogue in January and July each year.

Free Monthly Newsletter

We compile a newsletter that’s jam-packed with products that are either brand new to the market or, are at the concept stage of catering specifically for the travel & leisure sectors. You’ll be one of the first to see what’s missing from your current range or be inspired to introduce something different into your category.

Innoveat newsletter

Why sign up?

We completely understand that your inbox receives hundreds of emails every week, which is why we’re so strict about only sending this to you once a month. In every newsletter, you’ll find a simple and eye-catching layout of 15–20 new products. Each one has a quick intro and direct link to find out more about the brand.

How do I sign up for the newsletter?

Fill in your name and email here and you’ll be added to the list for the next monthly newsletter.

Free Innoveat Exhibition

Innoveat is the UK’s leading food exhibition specifically catering for buyers in the travel and leisure sectors. Every product being showcased has been handpicked to ensure that it is a perfect fit for these industries. The show takes place on Thursday 12th October 2017 from 9am-6pm at the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow.

Why visit Innoveat?

As experts in delivering snacks, meals and drinks to airlines, trains, cruise ships, ferries and hotels, we here at TickEat saw a large gap in the market for a B2B exhibition that focused solely on these industries. After a hugely successful launch in 2016, Innoveat is back and almost double the size of last year’s show.

There’s free hotel parking available for those travelling by car, special rates for overnight stays and every buyer will enjoy a delicious, complimentary lunch and beverages throughout the day. You can also enter the big prize draw with three top prizes to be won.

How do I get a free ticket?

Register your details here and reserve your ticket in advance to guarantee free entry. If you have any other queries, visit our FAQ section, speak to the team via email or call 07944 519 654.

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