Meet TickEat – Innoveat’s Parent Brand

Innoveat, the UK’s leading food exhibition for travel and leisure buyers is an inspired sub brand from the team at TickEat. Find out more about the expertise behind this leading business that provides professional services for both food producers/brands and travel and leisure buyers.

What is TickEat?

Founded in 2015, TickEat is the dedicated business partner for food and beverage brands that want to enter the travel and leisure sectors. We facilitate and cultivate long-term relationships with industry buyers and in turn, connect them with exciting products from producers/brands that meet the needs of their customers.

What kind of companies do we assist?

We work with buyers based within airlines, trains, cruise ships, ferries, airport lounges and hotels. We work with big industry names including British Airways, Eurostar, Virgin Trains East Coast, No 1 Lounges and many more.

What services do TickEat offer?

    We offer a range of packages that cover the following options:
  • Procurement – overseeing tenders, contract facilitation and management, sourcing ingredients
  • Strategic Business and Product Development – product conceptualisation, strategic business planning, product placement, outsourcing, consultation and advice
  • Graphic Design – brand identity, product packaging, label designs, flyers and posters, brochures and catalogues, newsletters

You can find full details of each service here.

What complimentary services can our clients receive?

If you’re looking to source ethical and exclusive products for your business, then TickEat is happy to help you free of charge. If you’re a travel catering company looking for top-quality packaging, we also offer a complimentary service involving a worldwide search to bring you exactly what you need.

We know that this kind of research usually takes up a lot of your valuable resources, so we offer this assistance to businesses both big and small to dramatically reduce your time and costs.


Who are the team behind TickEat?

After extensive experience in the airline catering industry, Heerum Fleary used her insider knowledge to launch TickEat as a platform that is the ideal partner for both producers/brands and buyers. Having worked with a huge number of brands since then, she saw an obvious gap in the market for a food exhibition specifically focused on the travel and leisure sector, so launched Innoveat in 2016. It was a huge success and the 2017 show is set to be almost double the size. You can find out more about Innoveat and reserve your FREE ticket here.

Elon Julien joined the team in early 2017, and tailors his creative skills to every client brief when working on a brand’s latest graphic design project.

How can I find out more?

Food and Beverage Producers

We here at TickEat are always looking for new brands that are ready to diversify their products into this specialist sector. We know exactly where your product will fit thanks to many years of commercial experience, so if you’d like to talk through your ideas or latest project, get in touch by email or call 0208 757 8743.

Travel and Leisure Buyers

If you’re looking to deliver the next new and innovative food or beverage product to your customers, please get in touch to discuss your requirements by email or call 0208 757 8743.

If you’d like to find out more about us in general, take a look at our TickEat website. We have a wealth of useful information there for everyone who is either looking to enter the market or, is currently working in the travel, leisure and hospitality sectors

Before you leave…

Innoveat takes place on 12th October 2017 at the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow. Register your details here and reserve your free ticket in advance. If you have any other queries, visit our FAQ section, speak to the team via email or call 07944 519 654.

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