Introducing NavigATE Snack Boxes

Having worked within the travel sector for some time now, we have spotted a huge gap in the way in that snack boxes are sold to buyers. This motivated us to create our own unique snack/meal box concept, and we are really excited to share our latest development. At Innoveat 2018, we are launching our brand new snack/meal box brand called NavigATE.

NavigATE, (part of TICKEAT), aims to fill this gap in the market by giving buyers full control over the whole snack box process. Here is an outline of what NavigATE is all about:

What is a NavigATE snack box?

The box will contain 4-6 products and each one can be uniquely designed by travel and leisure buyers themselves. This includes:

  • Box design – you can choose from three ready-made designs that we can tailor to your individual brand requirements or, you can order a fully customised box
  • Choosing your own box contents via a pick ‘n’ mix menu – it’s easy to balance your budget and choices with our fully transparent product listing
  • A choice of 14 different categories of snack box – we’re launching with a range that covers both the most common snack occasions and dietary requirements

What makes NavigATE unique?

You can build your individual box using our online brochure that clearly lays out the product range available within each category. We are also completely transparent about the costs during the process and display the final inclusive price of your selection there and then.

What format will the boxes be available in?

Boxes can either be ambient or chilled to offer full flexibility for snacking around the clock.


Which sectors are the boxes aimed at?

These NavigATE boxes are ideally suited to airlines as they are compact in size, easy to store and as buyers choose their own selection, can contain products embracing the very latest food trends.

They are also a great option for hotels and trains who can use their custom-made NavigATE snack boxes as a complimentary gift for customers or, a convenient ready-to-go snack option to upsell during a journey or day out.

What kind of box options will be available?

We are launching with 14 different options to cover the most common snacking occasions and dietary requirements, and there are many more variations coming in the near future. Some of these initial options include:

  • Beer and wine box
  • Children’s box in partnership with Bear Nibbles
  • Organic, Kosher, Vegan, Halal and Gluten-Free boxes

How can I find out more?

That’s easy, simply book your free tickets here to attend Innoveat 2018, the UK’s only food exhibition specifically catering for buyers like you in the travel and leisure sectors.

There will be lots of sample NavigATE boxes on display for you to look at as well as the online brochure to browse through. Innoveat takes place on Tuesday 16th October 2018 at the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow and we look forward to seeing you there.

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