Exciting New Brands at Innoveat 2018

At Innoveat, we are on a constant quest to find and showcase exciting brands who have honed their product range for buyers in the travel and leisure industry. Here are three of the new brands coming onboard at Innoveat 2018.

Garçon Wines

Garcon Wine bottle in a box

The idea behind the brand

Frustrated by missed wine club deliveries while at work, co-founder Joe Revell noticed how his neighbour didn’t suffer the same problem with her Graze subscription boxes as they slid effortlessly through the letterbox. This led to his lightbulb moment and he teamed up with wine retailing entrepreneur, Santiago Navarro.

After much research around wine packaging and UK letterboxes, they created a vessel that can both be posted safely and easily, while still looking stylish on a dining room table. This design concept is also ideally suited to the travel industry where space is always at a premium and fragility is a key issue.

What makes them stand out?

Garçon’s innovative bottles blend tradition and modernity, conforming to the classic Bordeaux and Burgundy bottle shapes in which most wines are still sold. Their USPs are:

  • Made in the UK
  • Materials are 100% recycled PET and are also recyclable afterwards, making them the greenest wine bottles available
  • Tough enough to withstand the rigours of the travel industry
  • Light enough to keep delivery costs affordable and lower their carbon footprint
  • Flattened design makes them ideal for easy and compact storage
  • Special “oxygen scavenger” featuring both active scavenging and passive barrier technology give the bottles a much longer shelf life than other wine packaging solutions

Want to know more?

Find more info about Garçon Wines here.

Darvilles of Windsor

Darvilles of Windsor tea

The idea behind the brand

Darvilles of Windsor offers a classic selection of traditional blends, fruit and herb infusions and green teas in both sachets and loose leaf.

They have proudly held the Royal Warrant for 70 years, first granted by King George VI in 1946, and they continue to supply teas and various goods to the Royal Household in Windsor Castle.

As specialists in the grocery trade and tea blending since 1860, this family business is run by the fourth and fifth generations of the Darville family, Peter Darville and his daughter Karen. They are the oldest family business in Windsor and their tea range is renowned for its fine taste and quality.

What makes them stand out?

There are three different ranges of teas to suit every taste and their food service range includes regular teabags, tag on top, tagged and enveloped teabags, and loose leaf. The three tea categories cover:

  • The traditional tea range including English Breakfast, Royalty Assam, Earl Grey and Darjeeling
  • The caffeine-free infusion fruit tea range including Raspberry and Ginseng, Lemon and Ginger, Peppermint and Camomile
  • The light and delicate range including Green Tea, Green Tea and Jasmine, Green Tea and Lemon and Green Tea and Peppermint

Want to know more?

Find more info about Darvilles of Windsor here.


Range of Muller products

The idea behind the brand

In 1971, Theobald Alfons Müller took over his father’s small dairy complete with only four employees, and proceeded to grow it into the Müller Group which employs over 25,000 people worldwide.

As a fast-growing, international, chilled-food business with operations in more than 10 countries, Müller expanded into the UK in 1987. The first plant outside of their home country (Germany), was opened in 1992 at Market Drayton and Müller Dairy became the UK market leader in the yoghurt segment shortly afterwards.

The company has invested over £500 million in the expansion of its dairy and distribution network since 1994, has become a household name in the UK market. It now boasts a large portfolio of milk, yoghurt and dairy products developed for both adults and children.

What makes them stand out?

The Müller Corner yoghurt range combines delicious, creamy yoghurt with an extra burst of flavour including:

  • Fruit, Crunch, Museli, Greek Style, Plain and Lactose-Free

The Müller Light range all have 99kcals or less and are the perfect treat for those following a healthy lifestyle. This includes:

  • Yoghurt, Müller Goodies, Greek Style, Fruitopolis, Chocolate Fix and Kremas

Müller Rice offers an alternative creamy snack to yoghurt and includes:

  • Strawberry and 5 Grains

The Müller Little Stars range has been created with children in mind and includes:

  • Fromage Frais made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients and, Strawberry Yoghurt Drinks that contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives

Müller Bliss, a Greek-style whipped yoghurt that’s deliciously creamy and includes:

  • Simply Bliss, Bliss Corner and Bliss Corner Cheesecake Inspired

The range of milk products includes both plain and flavoured drinks, making a glass of each, one of life’s little pleasures. The range includes:

  • Frijj, Puriti, Muller Milk and the One

Want to know more?

Find more info about Müller here.

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