New Brands and Products Showcasing at Innoveat 2018

The list of exciting new brands and products exhibiting for the first time at Innoveat 2018 keeps growing, so we want you to be the first to hear about them before exploring them for yourself at the show.

Making their market debut at Innoveat 2018 this year are the following brands:

Little Pasta Organics


With a delicious range of no added salt or sugar organic children’s pasta, gnocchi and sauces, Little Pasta Organics also has the only instant pasta pot for kids on the market.

Currently, there are three flavours in the range:

  • Asparagus and Basil
  • Tomato and Beetroot
  • Cheese and Broccoli

Best described as an organic ‘pot noodles’ for kids – it’s made with mini fusilli and has no added salt or sugar. They are vegetarian/vegan and are perfect for any occasion that requires a mini meal on the move. You only need boiling water in a flask or at a water dispenser to give kids a delicious meal in minutes. Anywhere, anytime!

Want to know more?

Find more info about Little Pasta Organics here.

Silver Swift Drinks

silver swift drinks

Whereas most ready-to-drink products are full of sugar and additives, and often lacking in originality and taste, Silver Swift have created 100% natural gin and vodka spritzers that are gently sparkling, perfectly balanced and ready to relish. They are low calorie, free from gluten, all artificial ingredients, refined sugar and are vegan-friendly.

Currently, there are three flavours in the range:

  • Wild Rose Gin
  • Basil Blush Vodka
  • Tipsy Iced Tea Vodka

Using hand-picked British suppliers, supporting home-grown industries and avoiding unnecessary air miles helps them to operate with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

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Find more info about Silver Swift Drinks here.

Kafe Express

KAFE Express

Kafe Express delivers everything you’d expect from a traditional Greek coffee in the convenient format of an instant. Thanks to its special formulation, this delicious Kafe Express coffee guarantees traditional flavour and quality in every cup without compromising on taste, texture or smell.

Currently, there are three flavours in the Kafe Express range:

  • No sugar
  • Medium
  • Sweet

Their mission is to introduce this rich-tasting, foam-topped coffee to a brand new audience. Packaging it as an instant coffee makes it an interesting alternative choice to the usual range of expected brands on offer.

Want to know more?

Find more info about Kafe Express here.

KRAVE from Meatsnacks Group

krave meat snacks

Meatsnacks Group launched KRAVE to challenge the current consumer perceptions of jerky and biltong. For fitness, health and nutrition-conscious customers looking for healthier and tastier protein options, KRAVE is a contemporary new brand looking to meet those needs.

Currently, there are four flavours in the Krave range:

  • KRAVE Cherry Tomatoes & Fennel Chicken Jerky
  • KRAVE Zesty Lemon & Dill Salmon Jerky
  • KRAVE Warm Chimichurri Beef Biltong
  • KRAVE Szechuan Pepper and Ginger Salt Beef Jerky

The KRAVE Salmon and Chicken jerky are the first of their kind to market. Particular care has been taken to highlight key messages across the range: calories per pack, quality grass-fed beef, high in omega 3, protein percentage, handcrafted and key ingredients. The products are also naturally gluten-free.

Want to know more?

Find more info about Meatsnacks Group here.

We Prepare

we prepare

We Prepare provide chef-inspired, chilled, ambient and frozen food solutions, and everything is freshly produced in a state of the art, purpose built unit near Heathrow. Market sectors covered include Food Service, Travel Food Service, Corporate Hospitality and Retail.

There are lots of packaged food solutions available including:

  • Sandwiches
  • Hot, hand-held snacks
  • Breakfast components
  • Single serve pots
  • Crew food and complete meal solutions
  • Catering bulk packs

They also offer a co-packing meal box solution for brands and have global distribution in place. Gluten Free, Added Protein, Vegetarian & Vegan dietary requirements can all be catered for.

Want to know more?

The website is currently in progress but you can contact them on

Darvilles of Windsor

Darvilles of Windsor tea

Darvilles of Windsor offers a classic selection of traditional blends, fruit and herb infusions and green teas in both sachets and loose leaf. They have proudly held the Royal Warrant for 70 years, and continue to supply teas and various goods to the Royal Household in Windsor Castle.

The three tea categories cover:

  • Traditional tea range including English Breakfast, Royalty Assam, Earl Grey and Darjeeling
  • Caffeine-free infusion fruit tea range including Raspberry and Ginseng, Lemon and Ginger, Peppermint and Camomile
  • Light and delicate range including Green Tea, Green Tea and Jasmine, Green Tea and Lemon and Green Tea and Peppermint

With teas to suit every taste, their food service range includes regular teabags, tag on top, tagged and enveloped teabags, and loose leaf. As specialists in the grocery trade and tea blending since 1860, this family business is run by the fourth and fifth generations of the Darville family.

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Find more info about Darvilles of Windsor here.

Garçone Wines

Garcon Wine bottle in a box

Frustrated by missed wine club deliveries while at work, co-founder Joe Revell teamed up with wine retailing entrepreneur, Santiago Navarro. After much research around wine packaging and UK letterboxes, they created a wine vessel that can both be posted safely and easily, while still looking stylish on a dining room table.

Their USPs are:

  • Made in the UK with 100% recycled PET and are also recyclable afterwards, making them the greenest wine bottles available
  • Tough enough to withstand the rigours of the travel industry
  • Light enough to keep delivery costs affordable and lower their carbon footprint
  • Flattened design makes them ideal for easy and compact storage
  • Special “oxygen scavenger” technology gives the bottles a much longer shelf life than other wine packaging solutions

This design concept is also ideally suited to the travel industry where space is always at a premium and fragility is a key issue. Garçon’s innovative bottles blend tradition and modernity, conforming to the classic Bordeaux and Burgundy bottle shapes in which most wines are still sold.

Want to know more?

Find more info about Garçon Wines here.

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