New Travel Products at Innoveat 2019

With a packed show full of the latest innovative, exciting and on-trend food and drink for buyers working in the travel and leisure industry, we wanted to give you a sneaky peek into some of the products you’ll find at Innoveat 2019.

Olly’s Olives


Olly's Olives


The idea behind the brand

Olly’s Olives are the proud creators of the world’s freshest on-the-go olive pouch. Combining the finest Halkidiki olives with many different mouthwatering marinades, these healthy snacks are perfect for your journey.

There are no stones, no messy oils, no artificial preservatives and every olive pouch is unpasteurised and vegan-friendly. With every pouch carrying less than 75 calories per portion, it’s a healthy, savoury alternative than anyone can enjoy on the go.

Having already been snapped up by EasyJet, Etihad, Virgin Atlantic, Eurostar and Virgin Trains, their mission is to expand even further into the travel and leisure sector.

What will you see at Innoveat?

Available in both 50g and 30g formats and with a 12-month ambient shelf life, these olive pouches are available in three delicious flavours:

  • Garlic & Basil (50g & 30g)
  • Chilli & Rosemary (50g & 30g)
  • Lemon & Thyme (50g)

Want to know more?

Find more info about Olly’s Olives here.


Buttermilk Artisan Confectionery

The idea behind the brand

Buttermilk is a craft, British confectioner with a bright, bold look that complements their new collection of exceptional confectionery.

Their direction is inspired by wellness and lifestyle trends for gluten-free, dairy-free and wheat-free products and they are meeting customers demand by delivering treats crafted from natural ingredients, that taste equally indulgent and creamy, whether original or dairy-free!

The Buttermilk ethos is to work hard, play hard, and treat yourself with something phenomenal.

What will you see at Innoveat?

Buttermilk are launching three new single-serve chocolates and also have existing single-serve fudge pieces packaged in plastic-free, home compostable wrap.

Dairy-free & Vegan: Chocolatey Truffle, single-serve 10g
Rich, creamy, dairy-free chocolatey truffles:

  • Packaging is plastic-free, home compostable material
  • Gluten-free, palm oil-free, natural ingredients, dairy-free, vegan

The aim was to create an exceptional treat that is inclusive for everyone, and this recipe really does taste like a premium, indulgent, chocolate treat – perfect for people who can’t eat dairy but don’t want to compromise on taste. Their secret recipe gives you a delicious alternative without that plastic feel or taste ‘free-from’ chocolate often has.

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Ganache Duos, single-serve 10g
Chocolate ganache, butter salted caramel encased in Belgian milk and dark chocolate:

  • Packaging is plastic-free, home compostable material
  • Gluten-free, palm oil-free, natural ingredients

Hazelnut and Salted Caramel Duos, single-serve 10g
Hazelnut butter ganache, butter caramel and roasted hazelnuts encased in Belgian milk and dark chocolate:

  • Packaging is plastic-free, home compostable material
  • Nothing but nuts in the nut butter
  • Gluten-free, palm oil-free, natural ingredients

Existing lines are all 15g fudge pieces in plastic-free, home compostable wrap:

  • Vanilla Crumbly Fudge
  • Clotted Cream Crumbly Fudge
  • Caramel Sea Salt Crumbly Fudge

Want to know more?

Find more info about Buttermilk here.

Kavli – Primula

Primula cheese spread

The idea behind the brand

Kavli owns a range of brands including Primula cheese, a family favourite since 1929. From their famous tubes, to dips and spreads, there are lots of ways for everyone to enjoy the high quality, delicious taste of Primula.

‘Squeezy cheese’ gives a much wider versatility to cheese and there are so many different ways that it can also be enjoyed as a snack on the go or within a larger meal, making it ideal for the travel sector.

What will you see at Innoveat?

On-the-go snacking with Primula mini tubes which are handy and easy to consume, providing a unique point of difference for the travel and leisure industry. Simply squeeze onto a cracker or bread which removes the need for cutlery:

  • Original cheese flavour
  • Weight: 22g
  • 26 weeks shelf life
  • Supplied Chilled

Primula cheese snack pots are ideal either on their own or as part of a snack box. With endless pairing opportunities, they are the ideal travel companion:

  • Original cheese flavour
  • Weight: 30g
  • 26 weeks shelf life
  • Supplied Chilled

Want to know more?

Find more info about Kavli here.

Dormen Fruit Bites

Dormen Moments

The idea behind the brand

Originally known as the connoisseurs of nuts, The Dormen Food Company has been producing the finest snacking experiences for over 30 years.

Having travelled the world to source the finest ingredients such as perfectly ripe pistachios and sweet, buttery almonds, premium quality is at the heart of everything they do and they still firmly believe in an artisan approach to producing their products.

What will you see at Innoveat?

The Dormen Moments range has been expanded to include fruit snacks and a fruit and nut mix, and they are launching with four different flavours:

  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry and Banana
  • Mango, Passionfruit and Cashews

Health is key so you’ll find in each pack:

  • Made with real fruit
  • Contains natural flavours
  • Contains one of your five a day
  • Has no added sugar and is gluten-free

Want to know more?

Find more info about The Dormen Food Company here.


Dean's of Huntly

The idea behind the brand

The brand began in 1975 at the heart of Helen Dean’s kitchen in Huntly, North East Scotland where she created her delicious, traditional shortbread.

Helen established her own small bakery and over the years as the demand for Dean’s products continued to grow, further investment was made to extend the purpose-built bakery they moved into. It now includes the addition of a spacious café bistro and Scotland’s first visitor centre dedicated to shortbread.

Dean’s is still a family run business with around 130 employees and an annual turnover of £9M.  Constantly striving to develop fresh new ideas, Dean’s have added savoury cheese bites to their range, along with gluten-free shortbread and a rich, whisky fruit cake.  The finest ingredients combine with traditional recipes to create a wide variety of premium products which are now exported all over the world.

What will you see at Innoveat?

Dean’s will showcase their Steven Brown Art All Butter Shortbread Thins. These melt in the mouth thins are available in a 25g pack that contains two all butter, shortbread biscuits.

Each packet features one of five Steven Brown Art designs:

  • Rab
  • Chloe
  • Billy & Harris McCoo
  • Tam McDeer

Want to know more?

Find more info about Dean’s here.

Before you leave…

This is just a taster of the exciting products we have lined up, there is so much more to see at Innoveat 2019, the UK’s only food exhibition specifically catering for buyers in the travel and leisure sectors. Join us on Tuesday 15th October 2019 at the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow by booking your FREE ticket here.

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